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Internal medicine covers chronic conditions such as diabetes, as well as annual monitoring of your health, including blood pressure and cholesterol checks. At Agresti Health and Wellness, Dr. James V. Agresti III provides internal medicine services to residents in Nutley and Chester, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. He’ll address your immediate health concerns and help you develop a plan for long-term good health.

Internal Medicine Q & A

What types of conditions does Dr. Agresti address?

An internist has extensive training in how to prevent, diagnose, and treat a variety of diseases. As a practitioner of internal medicine, Dr. Agresti can follow your health over the course of your adult life. He’ll help you manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, as well as perform annual check-ups and any specific testing, such as lipid or metabolic panels, that might be necessary.

Why do I need a regular internal medicine physician?

An internal medicine physician focuses on your comprehensive health and should be someone with whom you can build a relationship. Dr. Agresti is not just concerned with alleviating an acute symptom and sending you on your way as quickly as possible. Instead, he will treat you as a whole person. In addition to helping you address your immediate needs, such as a severe cold, Dr. Agresti will support you in achieving the healthiest lifestyle possible.

What are the benefits of regularly seeing an internal medicine physician?

During an annual exam, general markers of your health, such as blood pressure, weight, and vital signs, are taken. Dr. Agresti will examine your heart, lungs, neurological system, abdomen, head, and neck to look for changes or warning signs of impending disease. He may order certain blood tests, such as:

  • Glucose (blood sugar) levels
  • A complete blood count
  • A standard chemistry panel

Every few years, Dr. Agresti orders a cholesterol panel as part of each patient’s annual exam. He might recommend that you have an exam more frequently if you’re at risk of heart disease or have a history of high cholesterol.

Annual exams also give you a chance to bring up any changes in your health that may need to be addressed. During the exam, Dr. Agresti will also review your lifestyle and make recommendations to maximize your health.

What else can I expect from an internal medicine doctor?

In addition to evaluating your current health, Dr. Agresti helps you to take steps that prevent serious illness. Dr. Agresti also inquires about your daily habits that promote health, such as regular exercise and diet. Good nutrition that fits your lifestyle and health needs is paramount to your well-being. Physical activity also has strong correlations to improved health status.

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