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Diligent dieting and exercise aren’t always the key to weight loss, especially in problem areas. If you are at a healthy weight but still have trouble spots that you’d like to shrink, contact Dr. James V. Agresti III at Agresti Health and Wellness to learn about SculpSure. With offices in Nutley and Chester, New Jersey, Dr. Agresti offers non-surgical body sculpting with a laser that destroys fat cells and results in a slimmer you.

SculpSure Q & A

What is SculpSure?

Even if you diet and exercise, you may find it difficult to lose fat in certain areas. SculpSure, a state-of-the-art, non-surgical body-contouring technique, takes care of those areas. Stubborn places, such as the belly and love handles, experience up to a 24% reduction in fat cells after treatment.

The procedure involves directing laser energy at the stubborn fat areas. The laser energy raises the temperature of the fat cells just under the skin. The heat destroys the fat cells which are naturally eliminated from the body.

When will I see results?

You’ll start to see results in as little as six weeks, but optimal results are usually evident after three months. The results are permanent because SculpSure destroys fat cells rather than simply shrinking them. Some patients experience the best results when they receive treatment in multiple areas, while others benefit from several treatments to a single area. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Agresti to discuss your treatment options.

What should I expect during a procedure?

SculpSure is noninvasive, meaning you’re in and out of the office and can go about your daily activities immediately. When the laser is applied to the targeted area, you’ll feel a slight cooling sensation at first -- this keeps your skin comfortable during the application of laser heat. During the treatment itself, you might notice tingling or warmth.

Does SculpSure hurt?

The procedure is not painful and requires no recovery time. Most patients tolerate the heat sensations well. You can schedule a morning session and go to work immediately after the procedure.

How does SculpSure differ from diet and exercise?

Conventional diet and exercise shrink fat cells, but the fat cells remain. SculpSure is different because it destroys the cells so they can’t return.

Who is a candidate for SculpSure?

The best candidates for SculpSure treatments have a body mass index of 30 or below but have areas where they just can’t lose weight regardless of how much they diet and exercise. Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on your height and weight. Many reputable health organizations publish online calculators for you to determine your BMI.

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